Pheromones For Men: How Do They Work?
September 21, 2020

If you do much studying or reading about sexual attraction, you might have some information regarding pheromones in men. According to some people, pheromones are the “silver bullet” for attraction, but others don’t really consider it a huge factor. Read on.

As you already know, scent plays a significant role when it comes to attracting people to one another. And when we’re attracted to a particular person, we often recognize how pleasant their hair and skin smell. So, is there more involved in this than just their soap and shampoo usage?

You might be finding it hard to believe that something is being produced by our skin that’s literally attracting other people to you. And if this is true, is it possible to increase the production of these “pheromones” to get even more attention from your attractive potential partners?

Pheromones: Definition & Explanation

Leading scientists think that human communication is often influenced a lot by “chemosignals.” However, they also claim that the science behind it isn’t necessarily as simple as many people tend to think it is. According to the best pheromone reviews from, we know that all types of creatures utilize pheromones to communicate through a chemical signal. However, we also know that humans are generally much more complicated than other mammals and insects.

Generally speaking, many different factors influence attraction in humans. Factors such as how someone looks, the shape of their body, how much money they earn, their ideas, their natural scent, their interests, their physical attractiveness, their age, their personality, their religious or political beliefs, and much more can influence our mating choices.

Undoubtedly, our sense of smell has a significant role in romance and attraction. However, it is also true that determining and/or measuring these chemicals’ actual influence is much complicated. In the dictionary, a pheromone is defined as a chemical substance that an animal (this is usually an insect or a mammal) produces and releases into the environment, affecting other animals’ physiology or behavior. Although pheromones share a lot of similarities with hormones, the difference comes in that pheromones work outside of your body rather than inside.

How Do You Increase Pheromones For Men?

According to science, humans have what is known as “odorprint.” In simpler words, all of us have an essential set of immune system genes giving each one of us a “natural smell” that is distinct and much different from any other human’s natural smell. Apart from identical twins, there are no two humans with the same odorprint.

Based on research, we know that human females actually like the smell of sweaty shirts worn by males with suitably varied MHC genes. In simpler words, women are more attracted to men with a uniquely different odorprint from their own. It shouldn’t be a surprise because genetic diversity could generally strengthen bloodlines and allow healthier, stronger, and more adaptable offspring.

Androstadienone is the chemical referenced when most people talk about “increasing pheromone levels.” What’s more, when people are talking about this subject, they’re talking about using a special fragrance or spray that consists of specific levels of that chemical. In theory, any man wearing such a cologne would be more attractive to his potential mates.

However, testosterone is another essential factor. Based on a recent study, women in heightened fertility stages tended to like the smell of males who had higher testosterone levels. Interestingly, researchers found out that androstenol might have been at play – this is different from androstadienone.

In comparison, androstadienone is an endogenous steroid that’s typically synthesized from androstadienol. It’s the pheromone that’s usually sold in male fragrances and is often considered to enhance sexual attraction.