The Common Mistake We Make When Washing Dogs With Shampoo
May 25, 2016


happy dogCleaning your dog make its skin healthy and neat. By keeping your dog clean, you keep your home safe from parasites or bacteria.  Our dogs will have smooth skin, which enhance their beauty and makes them look healthy too.


Many of us do it unknowingly by applying a human shampoo to wash our dog. Shampoos are made of different skin moisturizers and fragrances for dirt removal & balancing the PH level of the skin (level of acidity or alkalinity).

It is fair to be aware of the right shampoo to wash your pet with since the PH value of the skin of dogs are more alkaline in nature while human skin is more acidic in nature.

Most of the shampoos are made of chemicals that neutralize the acidity level of the skin. The PH value of the human skin ranges from 5-6.2 and it is considered acidic, according to the PH scale. That is also the biological reason these products are manufactured in alkaline form to balance the PH level of our skin.

Ironically, dogs have a PH value which ranges from 5-7.5 which is more alkalinity in comparison with the acidic PH of humans. Therefore, human shampoo is not meant for dogs.


Human shampoos will not only cause imbalance of your dog’s skin, it will also create an environment for growth of pathogens, parasites and viruses. The PH imbalance makes the skin of your dog dry & rough. You may recognize this because the dog will scratch itself frequently- sometimes leading to scratches that cause abrasions for the bacteria to attack.


Before you buy check the ingredients list of the product; most shampoos with natural ingredients are the best recommendation for dog washing. If the shampoo is composed of artificial colors or fragrances, then DON’T pick it for your dog!

Natural skin moisturizers & fragrances are good for the dog’s skin. The natural moisturizers for their skin include: aloe vera, tea tree oil, vitamin E and honey will ensure the skin texture of the dog is soft and smooth.

Citrus or eucalyptus are also good choices. They cleanse and additionally act as an insect repellant.

Recommended grooming product:


The best shampoos for dogs are natural. The majority of us who have dogs tend to treat them with so much love until we tend to forget they are humans too. They eat what we eat, accompany us wherever we go and even they have the privileged to sleep on our couches or beds.

However, when it comes to bathing, please don’t uses human shampoo on dogs. Buy shampoo with natural fragrances and skin moisturizers to keep your dog healthy and neat!