Overview Of The Toyota 22RE Engine
August 8, 2017

There are so many engines on the market today that you could get for your Toyota, and one of the best is the Toyota 22RE. It is considered to be one of the Toyota R family engines, one that you may want to have put into your vehicle. It is a four cylinder 2.4 L engine, one that is manufactured by Toyota, and is well known for its overall reliability. This engine has many applications, and is most commonly used in North America in pickup trucks that were created between 1984 and 1995. This engine was also installed in the Toyota 4Runner which is considered by many to be one of the best engines that Toyota has ever created. In addition to all of this, it was later placed in several other vehicles from Toyota and even the Volkswagen Taro. Let’s go over why this engine is so popular, and why you might want to consider installing one in your vehicle.

22re engine
picture of a toyota 22re engine

Engine Known For It’s Reliability

This is an engine that is well-known for its overall reliability. It is actually called the 1 million mile engine. This particular model comes from the Toyota 22R family which also included three other engines. Designed back in the early 1980s, the original engine added electronic fuel injection which is why this one is called the Toyota 22RE. Another difference is that dual row timing chains were added, upgraded from single row timing chains, making the engine much more efficient.  A great supplier for 22RE engines is http://209yota1.com

Performance Specs Of The Toyota 22RE

This is a max horsepower rating of 105. It can reach 4800 RPMs. The peak torque is 137 lb-ft at 2800 RPMs. This was later increased to 114 hp and 140 lb-ft at 3600 RPM. Today, they come in at 2.366 L, and despite this improvement, the weight ratio is not considered to be the best, with the stroke of just 3.5″‘s. Other considerations went into the design of the engine, specifically the material which was cast iron when it was originally made. They used soft piston rings and valvetrain was used on the engine, allowing the a conventional push rod set up to be used in the block with a camshaft. Now with a total of eight valves, this four-cylinder engine has one exhaust and one intake valve. There were subsequent engines made that were phased out, but it was reported that many of the engines lasted a million miles which is something that many companies cannot claim with the engines that they have produced for their vehicles.

If you are thinking about purchasing one that you can install into your vehicle, you should be able to find these on eBay. Some of them are new, whereas others have been rebuilt, and they are all designed to last. Once you have found a place that has these for sale, compare all of the engines that they are offering. Choose the one that has the best feedback, and also the best price, so that you can save money and trust that you are buying your engine from a reliable seller.