How To Tell The Difference Between A Real Psychic and A Fake

Most people in the world today have heard of a psychic. These are individuals that profess to have unique powers, capable of understanding events that are to come, and they may even be able to know about the individuals that are sitting right in front of them. In fact, many people will visit psychics for this specific reason. They are thought to tap into the lifestream of individuals and can give them indications as to what choices they need to make.


There are a large number of individuals worldwide that work with psychics regularly, but the vast majority of people often believe that they are nothing but charlatans. Many people wonder if real psychics do exist, but you need to do your research if you want to find a real psychic that can help you.

What Are Psychic Powers?

The powers of a psychic can include extrasensory perception. This is an all-encompassing term which simply means they are able to detect things that are not perceivable with the five senses. When you are looking at the world around you, everything that you notice, and virtually everything that you know, is based upon what you have picked up with your five senses.

A psychic is said to have a sixth sense. This is typically attributed to spiritual powers, ones that are thought to be originating from the sixth chakra. Regardless of where these powers originate, a psychic that is real is able to tell you information about yourself without receiving any type of social cue.

What Information Can They Tell You?

Psychics that are legitimate can tell you many things about your life without you volunteering any information at all. This is something you will certainly notice with not only psychics, but people that are able to communicate with the dead. These individuals will not only be clairvoyant, but they will also be mediums, people that will be able to hear, or potentially see, those that have passed on.

When they receive information, and convey this to you, this is one way that you can tell if a psychic is real or not. This could be information that only you would know, something that you would not have shared. When a psychic comes popular, it is typically because they will know things about you, and will be able to predict things in your life, with exceptional accuracy.

How To Find Real Psychics

There are two ways to find psychics that are real. First of all, you will likely receive a recommendation from someone that you know that has worked with one before. If they are able to predict events in their life, or give them advice that helps them, they will certainly recommend these individuals. The other way is to look for reviews online that have been presented by customers of psychics that are advertising their services. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with one of these reputable psychics to see how they can help you.

Psychic powers are certainly real. Although there is no way to scientifically quantify what it is that they do, there are certainly enough stories, and the personal experiences of people, to justify this as a fact. Try to avoid psychics that are not legitimate. You will always know because they are usually not able to provide accurate information, or help you in any way. By using these tips for evaluating psychics, you will end up working with one that will be able to help you make tough choices in your life.

Could You Be A Psychic Healer?

Spiritual healing is an amazing blessing, but make no mistake, it can also be extremely draining, tiring and hard work. Do you have what it takes to be a healer? Are you being drawn towards healing work? If so, what should your next steps be?

" The Healer "

Signs You May Be a Healer

Everyone has the ability to heal others to some extent, but if spirit want you to develop your healing gifts, there are several signs you may notice, giving you a gentle prod in the right direction.

  • Are you becoming increasingly compassionate and empathetic? No matter how much so you have always been, a calling towards healing usually involves a deepening of these sensitivities. You’ll find that you are moved to tears much more easily, even by things which don’t affect you, such as events on the news. You’ll also find yourself becoming much more forgiving and understanding towards others, even when under stress.
  • Are you getting tingling sensations or warmth in your hands when in the presence of someone who might benefit from healing? Tingles and heat are certain signs that your physical body is reacting to someone else’s need.
  • Are you starting to see auras, or if you already see them, are the colors becoming more vivid? Most healing work is carried out in the aura, so most healers develop an acute sense of the aura, even if they cannot actually see it.
  • Are animals increasingly calm and comforted in your presence? You may well have always been an “animal person”, but as your healing abilities come more to the fore, animals have an uncanny ability to pick up on your dormant healing energies. Animals have innate healing abilities themselves, so if your connection with animals is increasing, it’s a very good sign that it’s time to develop as a healer.

What Makes a Good Healer?

When you start out as a healer, it’s essential that you are in good emotional health yourself. Although many experienced healers do experience depression, as they soak up emotions from others, the trainee healer needs to be “in a good place” mentally, in order to cope with the new demands upon their energies.

Good psychic healers are empathetic and compassionate. You must be able to connect with someone on a deep level, regardless whether you actually like the person very much. This is connected to the ability to put ego aside, and to offer your healing with love to all, even those who have upset or hurt you.

Good healers do not diagnose – instead, they trust in spirit to direct the healing to where it is needed. If you find yourself unable to resist diagnosing others, you should remember how potentially dangerous a diagnosis can be, and instead re-learn how to put ego aside and how to trust spirit.

Although most spiritual healing is completely or mostly hands-off, it does involve getting very close to someone and physically standing in their aura, so of course a good healer needs to be comfortable with having their own physical space accommodating their patient.

Next Steps

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to investigate and begin your healing development. There are many different types of healing, from pure spiritual healing to Reiki healing, via the whole gamut of complementary therapies. If you are interested in pure energy healing, as opposed to a therapy, then the best place to start is your local spiritualist church, which will be able to point you in the direction of where to train. Alternatively, if you are interested in, say, Reiki, contact the governing body for your chosen type of healing to find training near to you.

Training as a healer is a big commitment, and it’s not an easy path – but as most healers would agree, it’s also exceptionally rewarding. If you feel it might be for you, find out more and set yourself on the healing path.

Best Pheromones To Attract Women

pheromonesAttraction is not only skin deep but it permeates our ability to consciously pick on various scents. If you are not knowledgeable of the science that is around this, you will probably doubt what a sad but if you have done to research then you probably already know that this is true. Pheromones are released from the body and they help attract a mate. In animals it is a lot stronger and it is the signal of mating season and the gender of an animal. In humans it is a lot more nuanced but it does play a role and who we like, who we love and who we lust after.

People who are looking for an edge up on the competition when it comes to the world of dating and attract in a mate, pheromone releasers might be perfect for them. There’s both empirical and anecdotal research that shows that humans respond very well to pheromone releasers. We are attracted to people who we like the way that they smell and it is not just about body odor, but those unconscious pheromone triggers that are unique to each and every person. Pheromone releasers do not give you specific pheromones that they allow you to make your own pheromones in your body a lot stronger. You will not be able to use a releaser and smell yourself and be able to tell if it is working or not.

The way that you will be able to tell that it works is by the attention that you get. By being observant and noticing how you are being treated a little bit differently than normally. It isn’t going to jump out and make itself known that it will have an effect. It will be up to you to utilize it to its greatest effect. So, it will not replace social skills, the ability to talk to the opposite sex, but it will give you an advantage if you already have worked on those other things.

Another use of pheromone releasers is for people who are already in relationships. People do not talk about this enough because they focus too much on finding a mate vs keeping one attracted to you and building attraction within a relationship. Pheromone releasers can be used to strengthen a relationship that you are already in.  According to Phero Planet, if you’re already in a relationship and if you are a good match on that pheromonal level increase in your pheromones will make your partner more attracted to you. For some people this just might be the key out of the doghouse. For others, it might be a long-term strategy that helps keep their relationship rich and alive. One thing that we often talk about when we discussed this subject is the various pheromone parties that are thrown all around the country, with strangers used nothing more than scent to the site to go on a date with the stranger and how those relationships and up working out very well.

So, as you can see pheromone releasers do have an effect, they will be able to help you in subtle ways, they are known to work and help spark relationships and keep them going. But when it comes to purchasing them you need to purchase them from a reputable supplier. Not everyone who sells this product on the Internet is going to provide a high quality product. So, if you want the maximum effect from pheromones you need to buy a high quality product. Finding such a product will take your own research and Google kung fu skills to find.